Coral Gables Real Estate Market Analysis as of May 8, 2017

392 homes are currently active on the market
The lowest price home listed $218,000
The highest price home listed $45,000,000 
Medium price listed $1,392,500. (459.94/sf)
91 total homes SOLD in the past 60 days
Lowest price sold in the past 60 days $180,000
Highest price sold in the past 60 days $43.7000,000 
Medium Price SOLD in the past 60 days $800,000 Days in the market 72 ($387.75/sf)

The City Beautiful ...Coral Gables, from old Spanish homes built in the 20´s to modern homes next to the ocean.

Coral Way and Giralda avenue are going thru total renovation - try Giralda al Fresco -  cafes, restaurant - the city of Coral Gables wants to have all residents to have walking access to parks where you can meet your neighbors...what an excellent idea.  Check out Coral Gables museum and its many activities - including the last Sunday of the month waterway canoe tours thru their waterways.   What an excellent way to spend a Sunday with your family -  call them at 305-603-8067 and check their schedule.

Coral Gables has three distinct communities:
1)      North Gables  - from sw 8th St to Miracle Mile, City Hall & Granada Golf course Old Spanish homes... charming and unique
2)      Mid Gables - from Miracle mile south to Dixie Hwy  - home of the                        Biltmore Hotel and the University of Miami, more expensive homes near the Biltmore Hotel
3)      South Gables - the newest most expensive homes - Gables Estates, off             Old Cutler Road next is Fairchild Gardens and Matherson Hammock beach and park.

Coral Gables has a population of 42,871 as of the 2005 US Census.  
Under good times or no so good times, Coral Gables prestige follows its name.  Location is second to none.  Here you are 20 minutes from anyway and just a skip and a jump away from shops, restaurants and theaters.
For available homes check additional listings from the home page. Find what you are looking and call us for prompt showings and professional guidance.
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Ana Ordonez
Ana Ordonez
Lic. Real Estate Broker/Realtor